Method3 Fitness

I started working for Method3 Fitness back in the Spring of 2012 when the company was called Fast Action Training. I was brand new to the field of fitness and eager for work teaching group exercise classes. Little did I know, this tiny, boutique studio in San Jose would turn out to be my greatest opportunity for growth.

From Bootcamp Instructor to Digital Media Maven

I started out at Method3 teaching indoor bootcamps, but over the years I gained a variety of certifications that allowed me to expand my offerings. For a full list of my qualifications and experience in the field of fitness, check out my resumes page. Although I love training and teaching clients, my true passion has always been content creation.

Off and on, on my own time, I blogged, experimented with creating pages and posts on social media channels, filmed and edited videos, and learned as much as I can about building online content and communities. In January 2017, I saw an opportunity to combine my current career path with my passions. Our company nutrition program, Thrive In 35, includes a Facebook group for members to ask questions and engage with coaches. I created a plan with a posting schedule to help keep clients active and on track. I was officially offered the position of Digital Media Specialist/Coordinator in July of 2017.

Recent Design Project: (E-Book) 10 Healthy Meals in 10 Minutes or Less

Click here download the full e-book.


As Method3’s Digital Media Specialist, I plan, create, edit, post, and manage the content on all of our social networks, including but not limited to Method3’s Facebook Fanpage, Private Facebook Groups, Instagram Channel, YouTube channel, and WordPress Blog. This includes everything from designing graphics for blogs and social media to writing and editing the content, from conducting and filming interviews/testimonials with clients to editing the footage and posting on our social channels.

A few of my favorites include this Thrive In 35 Success Story with Christie and the following Transformation Tuesday Facebook Post with Coleen.


I also work with the coaches, the nutrition team, and the marketing department to produce digital assets, such as e-books, workout videos, landing page ads, and (coming soon) online coaching programs using simple equipment and software (i.e. an ipad with a lapel mic for filming, PowerDirector for video editing, and canva for graphic design).

Lesson Learned: Engagement is Everything

One of the biggest lessons I learned creating digital media for Method3 Fitness is that the content is only valuable if the local community engages with it. That’s why it is so important to:

  1. Know your audience.
  2. Tweak the content until the members SHOW you they’re interested.
  3. Stay consistent.

Our organic reach, on Facebook and Instagram, has grown more than 100% in the past year. It’s because we chose to focus on the needs, desires, and challenges of our community. Because of that, we happier, more engaged clients who are willing to invite their closest friends and loved ones to join the studio.

To find out more about Method3 Fitness and the services they offer, head on over to the Method3 Fitness website.

[FB GROUP POST] TIME TO PLAN AND PREPARE FOR THE WEEK Planning and Preparation are VITAL to your success. The times we are unprepared are the times that can really knock us off our plan of healthy living. Here are some tips: – Buy your groceries for the week: Sit down and plan your meals for the week. Try to KISS it… Keep It Super Simple. Every meal does not have to be different. Rotate through a couple menu ideas for each meal and snack. Keep shopping and preparation from becoming overwhelming. Don’t go to the grocery store hungry. This will prevent impulse buying of less than healthy foods. Plan to go just after a meal or after a killer workout so you feel successful and inspired to stay healthy. – Prepare each meal ahead of time if you need to. Set aside some time on the weekend to prepare as much as you can. Precook some proteins; wash and cut fruits and vegetables; portion out yogurt, hummus, nut butter, nuts, etc. Stock your refrigerator and pantry with easy to grab and pack foods. – Cook once / eat multiple times. Double the recipe at dinner, and you have lunch already balanced and ready for two days from now. Or better yet, store some in the freezer for that day that just doesn’t go as planned. There will be a balanced, ready to heat meal waiting for you. So tell us! What are you preparing this week?