As a kid, if anyone had told me that playing around with the “create your own greeting cards” software (you know, the ones that came on a floppy disk) would eventually lead me to where I am now, designing e-books, social media graphics, and blog photos for local businesses, I probably wouldn’t have believed it. I wanted to be a ninja 😉 Equally awesome to me is how my dream of becoming a writer, back when I wrote fanfiction on a free website I created through AOL, turned into reality as I shifted into life as a paid blogger. But I guess it’s no surprise when the thought of spending hours perfecting your latest piece fills you with absolute glee. It’s even better when both the client and the community fall in love with it too.

Below is a sampling of what I do, listed by company. Click the photos to learn about the role I play(ed) with each organization, along with specific projects I completed for each.

Method3 Fitness

Title: Digital Media Specialist 

I was offered the role of Digital Media Specialist at Method3 Fitness in July 2017. However, I’ve been creating social media content for the company since the Fall of 2016, when I first suggested that we utilize our private Facebook group to increase engagement with our nutrition coaching clients during our quarterly challenge, now titled Thrive In 35. I now create about 80% of the content for our social networks, including Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and our WordPress Blog.

Click the photo below to explore more of my work at Method3 Fitness.


Title: Staff Writer

I started writing for LoveToKnow.com in November 2017 as a freelence”Exercise Specialist.” What I love most about this gig is that I get to combine two of my greatest passions: Fitness & Writing. Even more than that, the editors and administrative staff provide are kind and helpful. As a writer, I’m always looking to improve my craft. I also seek to provide a voice that’s both congruent to brand standards and fun for readers. 

Milestones: In February 2018, I was offered a position as a part time staff writer and I published my first dating & relationships piece.

Click on the photo for a link to my author page on LoveToKnow.

RISE: Fitness Business Conference (formerly) Nor Cal Fitness Summit

Title: Social Media Coordinator

Education of personal trainers and group exercise instructors severely lacks concrete knowledge on how to run a successful business and thrive in a competitive market. Khaled Elmasri, founder of RISE (formerly NCFS) sought to fill that gap. Thus, the fitness business conference was born. Having attended the conference myself, I saw an opportunity to increase it’s reach through social media. I messaged Khaled and offered to build a team of volunteers to manage his social networks LIVE throughout the event weekend. It is the single most rewarding experience I’ve had so in this arena to date! Not only did we crush it with live chats, high quality photos, and testimonials, but I got to share my skills with an intelligent group of fit pros, who can now apply what they learned to their businesses.

Click the photo below for sample posts from the event and links to the RISE social pages.