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Quality From Start To Finish

As digital media specialists, we work hard using text, images, audio, and film to convey messages to our target market. For me, creating good content isnโ€™t just about selling products or information, itโ€™s about creating an impact in the lives of readers, viewers, and listeners. Good content inspires people to take some sort of action in their life, to strive toward bettering themselves and others. I strive for that with every piece of content I create. Here are some examples of my best work.


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As a fitness coach, healthy eating, weight loss, and exercise are relevant to the audience I serve on a daily basis. It’s a passion of mine to provide helpful tips and stories about my own experiences. Follow the link above to read “4 Tips To Maintain Your Energy During Weight Loss.”

Videos & Vlogging

One of my biggest regrets this past year has been letting go of vlogging and video editing in general. There’s something about creating short content videos that lights me up from the inside out. Maybe because it’s what most people relate to. Although they’re a bit dated, here are a few of my favorites:

Be Yourself

Goal Setting 101: My Top 3 Tips To Create Your Goals

Alleviate Back Pain: My 4 Favorite Standing Stretches

The Truth About What Personal Trainers Eat

One of my goals as I move into 2018 is to refine my video editing skills. It truly is an essential part of any social media or online marketing campaign.


Social Media Management

As Digital Media Specialist at Method3 Fitness, I am responsible for most of the content our studio puts out on social networks. That means I juggle different hats on a daily basis, which includes, but is not limited to photographer, videographer, video editor, graphic designer, copywriter, blog editor, content curator, content manager, and actress, among others. 

As we begin to merge social media goals with marketing goals to bring in and retain clients, I’m starting to work with other members of the Method3 Team to participate in content creation. The new collaborations involve:

  • Supervising daily Facebook Live Chats – “Mornings w/Markus & Yvonne” & “Minute To Win It” w/John
  • Working with the Nutrition Department to promote and design content for participants of “Thrive In 35,” our quarterly nutrition challenge.
  • Hosting events in-house or partnering with affiliates to promote and increase attendance to their events.

One thing I’ve learned from this process is that taking on a managerial role comes naturally to me. I’m looking forward to gaining more opportunities like this.

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I made the decision to become an online entrepreneur about 5 years ago. Since then, I’ve failed many times. The first webinar I promoted had 3 attendees: my mom, a training client, and a spammer who left inappropriate messages in the comments. I started a life coaching business, but only retained one, free client.

My latest failure was the Backyard Bikini Slimdown, a weight loss challenge that promised to get you slim and confident in your bikini by the end of the summer. Find out more about that experience, here.

Daily Accountability & Engagement

One of my favorite ongoing projects at Method3 Fitness is creation of Daily Accountability Posts. In fact, my proposal for daily posts during a nutrition challenge in 2016 was the spark that led the studio owner to consider me for a larger role in social media. It was the studio’s first organized attempt at using any social media network for enhancing community engagement and program adherence, key aspects of any successful local business. The following are samples of recurring posts that are scheduled into our weekly rotation:

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