My Life In Fitness: 10 Things My Clients Always Notice About Me and My Body

As a fitness instructor, I am always in the public eye. Standing front and center, our bodies are the precious tools we use to get the job done. So whether we’re at our peak fitness-wise, or in a slump, they notice things us they normally don’t see in themselves and others. So today I’m giving you a glimpse into my life in fitness with a list of 10 things my clients notice about me and my body.

My Shapely Calves

I started dancing ballet when I was two year old and playing basketball when I was five. These are the biggest reasons I can think of for why my calves turned out to be double the size of most women I know and, to put it simply, rock solid! It’s because of this that I earned the nickname “Legs” among my girlfriends’ male relatives. A client once asked me how I did it. Since big calves tend to run in my family, I told her “I was born this way.” I realized how unhelpful this was after the fact ðŸĪĢ

Although my calves have leveled out a bit due to years of yoga, to this day I get compliments by men and women in my classes and on the street!

My Lovely Lats

More than once, I’ve been surprised to find that my fellow trainers asked clients to speak to me about how to build a great back. But I guess I work them quite a bit when prepping for volleyball season. Lat pulls do wonders for setting the shoulder, as well as increasing speed and accuracy during an arm-swing. I think the reason my lats shock people so much is because I layer up so much during the winter time, they never see my muscle. But come spring and summer, it’s time for volleyball shorts and crop tops (am I right?).

PS – If you’re a volleyball player who loves to dominate in season too, check out the epic blog I wrote with a list of strength oriented “Volleyball Exercises” and how to complete them.

My Delts of Steel

Okay, delts of steel is an exaggeration, but my delts are quite nice. With hyper-mobile, broad shoulders and extra long arms, this is the easiest area for me to build muscle with very little effort. I’m sure it helps that I like to practice handstands and other cool tricks. But I’ll have to thanks mom and dad for this one! ðŸ˜‰

My Curly, Kinky hair

Gone are the days that I spend 30-60 minutes flat ironing my hair. Teaching high intensity cardio classes ended that. There’s nothing like getting up early to primp your hair to perfection only to have it drenched in sweat after kickboxing or U-Jam fitness. I went completely natural in 2014, 2 years after I became an instructor, and boy was the response fascinating! More people recognized me at the gym and that actually made them more likely to come talk to me! While the straight look was definitely sexy, the curls are more inviting and fun.

My Patience/Compassion

I learned right from the get-go that I’m not that super bubbly, peppy instructor or the hardcore “get down and give me 20” type of coach. I’m the even-keeled trainer that will focus her attention completely on your needs and goals. If I see more potential, I’ll present you with a challenge. If I see you struggling, I’m happy to slow down and guide you in the areas that will benefit you most. It’s no surprise that yoga is my most fulfilling class to take and teach. With a background in Psychology & Spirituality, I love seeing my clients grow from the inside out âĪ

My Flexibility

Natural flexibility is a gift. There’s no doubt about it. Some areas of my body have it. Some, like my hips, don’t. So, while I can easily pop into a backbend or clasp my hands behind my back, I can’t sit cross-legged without my knees reaching up to my armpits. I’m working on it though! And oddly, I’m further along than most of the people I work with and teach. It’s no secret that many people who work out tend to be inflexible, especially those who strength train! 

“Yoga,” I always tell my clients, “does wonders for that.”

My Firm Behind

To be honest, I don’t think my booty is that out of the ordinary. It’s bubbly on a good day, but not Beyonce or J-Lo level. Then again, I’m Haitian and Puerto Rican, so I grew up in a family of people with particularly impressive rears. So it always shocks me when a client says “I want a butt like yours!” I guess it helps that I love to work on my vertical leap. Of course, the fact that I live in tights means my behind looks firm all the time! Haha.

My Energy

Calming. Nurturing. Inviting. Grounding. These are all words that others have used to describe me, both co-workers and clients! I tend to experience my inner life as being emotionally and psychologically chaotic most of the time, but even on rough days, the comment “Wow. Your energy really put me at ease” seems to be consistent. Not exactly the type of vibe I want to put out when teaching a bootcamp (although sometimes I can’t help myself), but it’s who I am at the core. To be perfectly honest, I’ll take peace over excitement any day. That’s the life of an introvert for ya.

[Where my innies at? Entertain yourself with my blog titled “What I’ve Learned Being an Introvert in an Extroverted Job.”]

My Waistline

The funny thing that happens when you become slim is that people assume you’ve always been that way. Little do they know, having a slim waistline is a relatively new thing for me. Strangely enough, I don’t have to try very hard in order to lose weight these days. So when people tell me “You’re so skinny” or “You have no belly at all,” I’m not sure how to feel. Although, weird is usually the first thing that comes up ðŸ˜…

My sense of humor

Okay, I’m not that funny. But I like to make jokes once in a while despite that. I can be a bit corny at times and elicit a light chuckle. Of course, I’m friends with my clients on Facebook. Most can attest that I’m funnier when writing on my wall than I am in person. My latest posts:

“That moment when you have to admit to yourself that it’s time to get a new tube of toothpaste…” [insert pic of flat tube]

“There’s a cricket in my kitchen. I have no idea where it is. #crazymaking #whereareyou ðŸĪŠ”

Okay, so maybe only I think those things are funny, but if you’re interested in reading more of what I post on Facebook, follow me!


Nadia ðŸ˜˜ 

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