Why Vacations Are Good for Your Health

With rising rent costs and endless job responsibilities, we often feel pressured to work ourselves to the bone. But there are some benefits to taking time off. Read on to find out why vacations are good for your health.


In today’s society, it’s tough to pull ourselves away from the daily grind. Many successful professionals work 60+ hours a week or more. They live on caffeine to help them keep their energy up. But the fact of the matter is, burnout is inevitable. Vacations allow you to hit the reset button, ideally, before that happens.

Pro tip: Schedule time off on a quarterly basis. It doesn’t have to be anything extravagant. Stay at a local bed and breakfast or resolve to stay at home and catch up on your favorite television shows. It will give your mind a break from your daily to-do.


Sometimes there is so much going on at work that we barely give ourselves a second to wrap our heads around each decision we make or action we take. Taking a vacation will allow time for the dust to settle. Whether that’s allowing your thoughts to come together around a major change in your work like (such as a pay cut or possession change) or simply taking in the successes you’ve made in the last year, vacations provide the distance you need to gain perspective.

Pro tip: Use a sick day as a mental health day. Drive to the beach or the woods, some place that makes you feel at ease, and write your thoughts down in a journal.

Increase Productivity

While most of us tend to think that we can’t possibly afford to take time off (“There’s so much to get done!”), vacations actually work wonders for your productivity. In fact, those who take time off are actually happier, less stressed, and are more likely to get a promotion. This is particularly true for those who really make an effort to disconnect (no email, no conference calls) and enjoy themselves.

So tell me, when are you going on YOUR next vacation?

Nadia 😉

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