Why You Should Cut Down on Cardio to Lose Weight

Cardio is well-known for it’s benefits of increasing your endurance. More importantly for those trying to lose weight, it increases the amount of fat you burn during a workout. But just because the numbers look impressive doesn’t mean you’re getting the results you actually want. Here’s why you should cut down on cardio to lose weight.

You’ll Want to Eat More

If you’ve been tearing it up on that treadmill, on the track, or in that cardio kickboxing class daily, chances are you’re getting mixed results.  On the one hand, your fitbit says you burned somewhere between 400-1,000 calories in 60 minutes! On the other, it feels like you’re hungry ALL THE TIME! And you should be. Your body needs the fuel to recover from your workout. The only problem is, when you eat more, you don’t get the results you want. It’s because you’re focusing on the wrong thing. 

What to do instead: Dial down your nutrition. Remember that you can’t outrun on a bad diet. Focus on managing your portions and eating a pluthera of low sugar fruit and green veggies. In fact, if you eat the right types of food, you can actually have more without the added calories! Use cardio as a means of exercise for the health of your body instead of weight loss and add a steady regimen of strength training 2-3x a week.

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