Volleyball Strength and Conditioning Full Body HIIT Workouts

Out of all the sports I’ve played in my life, volleyball is by far my favorite! I’m not only passionate about playing the game, but I’m also a fanatic when it comes to volleyball strength and conditioning. In my opinion, everyone who plays volleyball should be! Who doesn’t love having a phenomenal vertical leap, insane […]

What is a Yoga Sun Salutation?

A yoga sun salutation is, simply put, a salute to the sun or a prayer to the divine. The most familiar sun salutations in the west include a series of 12 postures, meant to express gratitude and deference to all the gifts we have been given in this life. These postures are often used as […]

Backyard Bikini Slimdown Series: Ab Workout

Looking for a simple workout to tighten abs? Follow along with the workout below! It’s less than 20 minutes long and will have your belly burning in no time! Complete this workout 2 times a weak and your abs will be strong in no time! Happy Crunching! 😉 Nadia

Exercises to Sculpt the Arms

Want your arms to look toned and sexy? Then, you need to work your biceps (the inside of your arm), your triceps (the back of your arm), and your delts (the top of your arm/shoulder). Try adding these 3 moves to your routine to sculpt the arms of your dreams:

Full Body Bodyweight Workout (No Equipment Needed!)

 Looking for a workout that will work your entire body, no equipment necessary? Check out my latest full body workout. The resistance is your body weight and you won’t even have to leave your mat! Follow along with the video below for a simple, yet effective way to work your muscles. Workout Level: Beginner Workout […]

Beginner Leg Exercises Infographic

Looking for a simple, yet exercises to add to your leg workout? Check out my latest info-graphic, where I share 5 floor exercises to work the legs.  Complete this workout in 2 ways: Complete 10-20 repetitions of each exercise 3x through. Set a timer at 45:15. Complete 3-4 rounds of each exercise. Have fun! Nadia […]