Top 3 Dieting Myths and Ways To Fix Them

There is a lot of bad information out there when it comes to dieting. In today’s blog, I’m covering a few common misconceptions and giving you the real scoop. Myth #1: When It Comes To Calories, Less Is More Too many people find themselves playing the “how long can I go without eating” game when […]

Why You Should Cut Down on Cardio to Lose Weight

Cardio is well-known for it’s benefits of increasing your endurance. More importantly for those trying to lose weight, it increases the amount of fat you burn during a workout. But just because the numbers look impressive doesn’t mean you’re getting the results you actually want. Here’s why you should cut down on cardio to lose […]

Dieting for Weight Loss: Lose Weight and Eat Carbs Too

Most fitness fanatics are all or nothing when it comes to dieting for weight loss. Either they’re eating anything and everything they can get their hands on or they keep everything on lock-down. They severely restrict calories, cut out entire food groups (ahem…carbs), dodge anything with a hint of fat, and limit their “meals” to […]