Volleyball Strength and Conditioning Full Body HIIT Workouts

Out of all the sports I’ve played in my life, volleyball is by far my favorite! I’m not only passionate about playing the game, but I’m also a fanatic when it comes to volleyball strength and conditioning. In my opinion, everyone who plays volleyball should be! Who doesn’t love having a phenomenal vertical leap, insane speed, a terrifyingly powerful spike, increased mobility, and a significantly decreased chance of pain and injury? Bonus: Get a hot bod in the process 😉

That’s why I put together these two workouts. They combine some of my favorite moves to prep for a safe and satisfying volleyball season. 

Cardio & Core HIIT Workout

Benefits: Increased speed, agility, and cardiovascular endurance.

Full Body HIIT Strength Training

Benefits: Increased power and stability.

 Note: These workouts are fairly challenging, so I only recommend the if your fitness level is intermediate or advanced. If you’re a beginner, click here for a simpler workout that will help you get started on your fitness journey. Once you are comfortable with those moves, come back and try these workouts!

Happy training 😉



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