Make Friends at the Gym

Do you crave friends that are as dedicated and excited about their health and fitness as you are about your own? Try making friends at the gym. It will make you feel happier and increase your chances of reaching your fitness goals.

Why You Should Make Friends at the Gym

There are some people who like to do their own thing at the gym. They complete their cardio and strength workouts like clockwork, have a consistent routine, and are content to get in, get out, and get back to life outside. But are equally as many of us who crave some sort of connection. It feels good to work out and when something makes us feel good, we naturally want to share it with others. That’s why it can be frustrating when our closest friends have little to no interest health and fitness.

In that case, your best option is to straight to the source. Make friends at the gym. To name just a few benefits, having friends at the gym:

  • Increases your accountability. It’s nice to know that you have a friendly face to look forward to when you’re completing a strenuous workout. This is especially important on those days when you’re feeling tired and unmotivated.
  • Gives you a much needed “happy boost.” Spending time with friends increases your oxytocin levels, the feel good chemicals that make you feel more positive, energized, and light.
  • Makes you work harder. Whether you consider the people around you to be friendly competition or individuals whose fitness levels you strive to attain, working out in a group has an infectious affect. It makes you push yourself a little more than you normally would.

How To Make Friends at the Gym

Here is a quick and simple process for making friends at the gym.

1. Attend class at the same time each day.

Gym-goers are creatures of habit. Many attend the same formats at the same time every day. This makes it easy to recognize those you’ve come across in the past. They will also recognize you as part of their “6:30am” crew or a fellow weekend warrior. 

2. Keep an Eye Out for Unique Individuals

I say unique, because there are a variety of people who may stand out to you at your fitness studio. They likely fall into one of two categories:

  • Those who are making visible progress toward their goals. They are getting fitter. On the one hand, there are those whom you can see have lost weight and/or body fat. They look slimmer and more muscular. On the other hand, there are those that are getting stronger. They can last longer during intervals or push heavier weights.
  • Those who are outside the “norm.” This is the woman who has overcome her body stigmas to show up every day or the 70+ man who completes burpees faster and with better form than the 20 year old next to him.

3. Reach Out

As with dating, you need to put yourself out there in order to play the game. Start by giving a compliment or asking about something obvious. For example, if you see a man walk into the studio wearing a bike helmet, ask if he participates in races. If you see a woman dominate an entire interval of atomic pushups, comment on how strong she is and (if you feel inclined) share your admiration of her skills. Ask questions to keep the conversation going. At the very least, you’ll have  learned something new about someone you work out beside every single day!

Tip: Don’t rule out instructors! They are often the easiest to talk to and the most excited about health and fitness. 

4. Find Common Ground

Talk about yourself, your life, and what you’re into fitness-wise. You may find that you both enjoy running races or that your kids are in the same soccer league. If you find a few points of similarity, you’ve got yourself a gym-buddy!

5. Exchange Contact Information

This is your opportunity to take the relationship outside of the gym. Swap numbers and/or emails. If that feels uncomfortable, ask if you can friend one another on Facebook. Send a message as soon as you can to let her know that you appreciate her story and her friendship and suggest you find a time to meet for coffee, yoga, or a play date.

Start Making Friends at the Gym Today

What are you waiting for? You’ve already committed your time and energy to becoming a healthy and fit individual. Don’t let lack of like-minded friends slow your progress toward health and happiness. You’ve likely already taken the first step or two, so be bold and take a chance. You may be closer than you think to making lasting friendships at the gym.

Love & Light <3


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