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My Story

It wasn’t too long ago that I felt completely and utterly lost. It was the end of summer in 2011. Due to a few life-altering setbacks, I had moved back to live in my parents’ home in Massachusetts. I felt myself falling into what I knew to be an episode of depression. I had tried […]

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Where I Teach

My Main Studio: Fast Action Training (F.A.T.) This is gonna sound cliche, but it feels like only a short time ago that I filled out the online survey that would land me my first interview in the fitness industry. I received a call from the owner, John, asking me a few questions about myself and […]

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The Goals Project

I first launched The Goals Project back in 2014, just before my 30th birthday. The date, February 2nd is so close to the turn of the new year that I often find myself riding the wave of resolutions as it approaches. This year was no different. Each day leading up to it, my thoughts were deeply immersed in […]

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Latest Posts

Vegan Meal Replacement Shakes: My Top 3 Brands

September 18, 2016 | No Comments

I’m going to go ahead and admit off-the-bat that I’m a meat eater. My reason for choosing vegan protein shakes are two-fold: 1. They tend to be more nutrition, often containing probiotics and powdered greens (a daily serving of fruits and vegetables in powdered form). 2) More vegan brands are conscious of other allergies and food sensitivities. […]

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Plan Your Meals To Lose Weight and Body Fat: My Top 3 Tips!

September 4, 2016 | No Comments

I recently polled my friends and followers on Facebook asking what your greatest struggles are when it comes to your health and fitness. I thought the answer would be related to what types of foods to eat or what workouts to do. I was wrong. The overwhelming majority of you admit that, you know exactly WHAT […]

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Stuffed Gluten Free Garlic Rolls

January 17, 2016 | No Comments

Prep Time: 15-20 Minutes Bake time: 15 minutes I recently moved into a new house with 3 really cool roomies (all male). Today, I was in the living room while one of them, Nick, was baking lunch for himself and his girlfriend. The smell of spices had my mouth watering for something savory and since […]

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Revive Your Fitness Routine: My Top 3 Tips For Those Who Are Struggling

October 10, 2015 | No Comments

Even those of us who love to workout fall out of our fitness routines from time to time. It’s easy for a fitness professional to get back on it. Since we work at gyms and fitness studios, we can easily bust out a spontaneous training session between clients or jump in on a class that a co-worker is instructing. […]

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Does Butt Building Work? My 30 Day Bubble Booty Challenge

October 8, 2015 | 1 Comment

I’ve always loved my body, thick or slim. And it’s pretty easy for me to maintain my figure as a personal trainer. However, I’ve recently joined instagram and noticed (if you’re on instagram and you follow any fitness motivation or physique pages, you’ve probably noticed too) that there are a pluthera of booty building programs out there. Squat […]

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Shop Smart: Score Quality Workout Clothing at Cheaper Prices

September 22, 2015 | 1 Comment

I LIVE in workout clothing. Most of my time each day is spent leading classes and sessions, working out, or writing/responding to emails/relaxing between sessions and workouts. Needless to say, I own a lot of sports bras, tanks, and tights! And I am constantly looking for more to add to my collection. When I just started […]

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Nettle Pills: My Allergy Season Savior

September 1, 2015 | No Comments

Growing up, I never had any (recognizable) issues with allergies. Although I was asthmatic, my attacks usually came on as a result of exercise. From the time I was five, I was a year-round athlete and when I wasn’t playing sports I was out running around at the park or in the backyard with my […]

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My Path To A Career In Fitness: How Cardio Fitness Changed My Life Part 1

August 26, 2015 | No Comments

Many of you don’t know this about me, but it was only a few short years ago that I stumbled into a cardio fitness class for the first time; cardio kickboxing to be exact. It was the Fall of 2011. I had taken the quarter off from my graduate studies and moved back home to […]

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Why I Don’t “Cheat” On Gluten Free

August 18, 2015 | No Comments

I’ve been gluten free for a little over 2 years now, ever since I realized I was sensitive to both gluten and (less so) yeast. Around the same time, I found out I was allergic to soy, which by the way is in just about everything! Yes, this is an exaggeration but you’d be surprised […]

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Happy Easter!

April 20, 2014 | No Comments

Hello everyone! And Happy Easter! I’m really feeling the holiday this year. I have celebrated this day many times. Having grown up as a Christian, I know the story of Jesus’ persecution and torture for spreading God’s message, which led to his death nailed up on a cross. His family and his disciples, who took […]

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